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Turn Around the Conventional Solar Panel Concept

Average solar panels require a high cost in cleaning due to their plain glass surface. In order to maximize exposure to the sunlight, a fixed considerable cost is accommodated to manpower and equipments to regularly clean the solar panels every year.

Solar Panel

Problems with typical solar panels

  • Up to 10% loss of light absorption due to reflection

  • Visible light transmittance 60% lower than the initial stage due to wind, sand, rain, dust and residual debris

  • High cleaning cost on manpower and equipments

Our Unique Anti-Reflection & Auto-Cleaning Solar Panels

Our partner and provider Sundial Technology Development Limited has developed an ultimate solution to address the high operation cost of solar cell industry by providing products with an anti-reflection and self-cleaning film that can be easily applied to any glass surface. 

Solar Panels  ​


Up to 30% efficiency loss avoided


7-10% of overall efficiency improvement

✓Cost efficient

Dramatically reduced cleaning of solar panel

How does it work?

This product is not only able to maintain reliable performance of photovoltaics over time by reducing reflection and scattering, but also largely reduces chronic maintenance costs of photovoltaic devices. Optimized nanostructures are fabricated on the surface of transparent plastic films. These nanostructures are in the size and geometry comparable to the optical wavelength so that surface reflected light can be significantly reduced. To fulfill the requirement of massive production of film for large scale use, the team has developed a hot-embossing roll-to-roll fabrication method and large-scale nanoimprinting mold fabrication method.

Average Solar Panels

Our Solar Technology


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