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Our Partners

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BOA Capital Holdings limited

BOA Capital Holdings Limited is an affiliate of BOA Financial Group and co-founded by veterans in banking, investment, legal and FinTech industries.

BOA Capital has highly specialized knowledge in different sectors by connecting to industry players, dealmakers and senior advisors in the industries. BOA Capital's extensive network allows the team to identify the most promising deals and create synergy with participating organizations. With the aim to achieve superior risk-adjusted returns across a broad range of asset classes for investors and their beneficiaries, BOA Capital is an important player to drive the growth of local and regional economy.


Sundial Technology Development Limited

Sundial Technology Development Ltd was incubated at the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology in 2016. With its technical innovation, Sundial won the 2018 1st-runner-up of Shenzhen Science & Technology Innovation Business Competition. In 2019, The Chinese Manufacturers’ Association of Hong Kong has joined the Sundial team and formed a strategic partnership with the company.

Sundial has a full list of successful green technologies deployed in different government departments and industries, including the self-cleaning coating for solar panels and the gas sensor for a smart toilet.


EcoSmart Energy Management Limited

EcoSmart Energy Management Company Limited is specialized in renewable energy engineering and energy management.  They have participated in the reconstruction project after the Sichuan earthquake in 2008 and was awarded the “Outstanding Green Excellence Awards” presented by Capital magazine in 2010. 

EcoSmart is dedicating to providing a Total Energy Management Solution, energy improvement and conservation plans. Their team consists of a number of senior engineers and energy specialists who have rich experience in the field.