Hexon BOA Green Fund

Hexon BOA Green Fund is an SPC fund set up by Hexon Green Capital. Hexon BOA Green Fund offers investors an opportunity to invest in green projects in Hong Kong and the Asia Pacific region, with its main focus on solar PV projects.


Hexon BOA Green Fund SPC
Country of Domicile
Cayman Islands
Fund Structure
Segregated Portfolio Company
Fund Size
US$ 60mn/ HK$ 500mn
Green Technology
5 years from final close

Investment Strategy

Hexon BOA Green Fund invests projects in the development stage and resell them at later stages. Hexon BOA Green Fund maximizes capital growth through investing in the field of green tech.


  • Access existing pipeline of green projects from partners
  • Conduct due diligence, review data and present to the team
  • Investment Committe reviews project and makes the decision
  • Management closes and issues capital call
  • Conduct ongoing portfolio management over time

Why Hexon BOA Green Fund?

1. Policy-driven Opportunities in Impact Investing
  • HK$3 - HK$5 renewable energy FiT scheme under CLP Holdings
  • $500K subsidies for indoor air quality projects for green buildings
2. First-mover advantage in Asia
  • Impact investing has been surging in past years
  • HKEX has issued stricter and demanding requirements for ESG reporting for listed companies, raising investor interest in impact investing
3. Strong Ecosystem Partners
  • Partnered with BOA Capital for launching a green fund under the SPC structure
  • Established strategic partnerships with Hexon Green Capital for deal sourcing, financial advisory and project management
  • Established partnerships with EPC, banks and various associations

Our Unique Ecosystem Partners

Our Unique Ecosystem Partners

Deal Sourcing

Deal Sourcing