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GreenWell Global Limited is a global green technology company for eco-wellness. We are a team of experts providing a one-stop service from professional business consulting to international certified hygiene & disinfection technologies and post-implementation actions. 

The outbreak of Covid-19 has covered all over the globe, which hiccups the daily living of the society-at-large especially business activities, work, and schooling.

Feed-In-Tariff Scheme

During the Public Consultation on the Future Development of the Electricity Market in 2015, the public attitude towards the development of renewable energy (“RE”) was positive. Taking into consideration the RE potential in Hong Kong, HKSAR  promoted Feed-In-Tariff (“FiT”)scheme, it offered to solar energy generation systems as well as wind systems. From Year 2015 to 2020, more and more property owners support FiT’s renewable energy development.

You can take part in the scheme by installing a solar and/or wind power renewable energy system on your premises. Once the system is successfully connected to the CLP grid, you can earn FiT payments. The existing rate is HKD 5- for ≤ 10kW; HKD 4- for > 10kW to ≤ 200kW; HKD 3- for > 200kW to ≤ 1MW.


Greenwell partners with Hexon Green Capital, which Hexon Green Capital offering a $0 based system installation packaged with Greenwell-Nano Solar Solution to enhance the power generation capacity. If you have already installed Solar PV, Greenwell-Nano Solar Solution can be separately applied.

man and pannels

FiT vs Financial Point of view

Solar panels generate electricity when sunlight hits a wafer of silicon cells contained within it. If the surface of the panel is very dirty, light cannot reach the silicon, and the panel cannot generate electricity. The FiT income dropped.


The less power produced, the lower future cash flows.

What is degradation & What makes degradation occur?

Degradation of Solar PV means the panels slowly decline in output over the days as tiny cracks develop in the silicon solar cells. Such as sand, bird droppings, the dust and dirt on the solar panels make the power generation dropped, the test chart showed a mass of 10 g from aggregate dust with a particle size of 45-90 μm was distributed uniformly over the module before the measurement. The data were acquired on operating electrical parameters, voltage, current, and power output, from both clean and dirty modules simultaneously. There was a difference in voltage ~0.5 V between clean and dirty modules, where dirty module voltage was observed to be higher (Figure 7). It was examined that the current and power outputs were linearly increasing with solar irradiation intensity as shown in Figures 7(b) and 7(c). However, the current drop due to dust deposition was ranging between 1.0 A and 1.5 A, and the output power drop was 20 W-40 W.

duct effect.png

Yotham Andrea,Tatiana Pogrebnaya, Baraka Kichonge ( 2019). Solar Energy: New Trends on Grid Integration for PV Systems. [ONLINE] Available at: [Last Accessed 2020.12.02].

SO!! The awareness of Solar PV degradation or system is equally important. 

Now is the perfect time to well-maintain your installed Solar PV

The cleaning and subsequent maintenance of Solar PV affect the service life.  The issues such as sand, and bird droppings, In order to maintain the power generation efficiency of solar panels, the dust and dirt on the solar panels need to be cleaned regularly during power generation, the use of detergents increased. Therefore, when we use renewable energy for environmental protection, on the one hand, we are polluting the environment in another way on the other hand. Although the laws on the environmental compatibility of detergents and detergents, due to the increase in the consumption of detergents, Environmental pollution has steadily increased.

Greenwell-Nano Solar Solution can be cleaned without the use of detergents and – depending on the level of stress exposure – dirt, fat, and dust can be cleaned just with water (without cleaning agents) for months up to years. This is a way to really relieve the environment instead of only limiting the increase in damages. On top of it, Greenwell-Nano Solar Solution can: -

•    Improve optical transmittance by 3.73% (will directly contribute to power generation efficiency)
•    Reduce heat loss by 12%
•    Decrease in surface dustiness by 8.78%
•    The advantages of smooth surface for subsequent cleaning (only need to spend 50% of the original cleaning time)
•    Reduce cleaning frequency by 25%~75% (according to the site environmental load)
•    Nano coating effectively resists aging caused by environmental factors and mechanical abrasion (sacrificial layer)
•    Acid and alkali resistance pH 2 ~ 12 Temperature resistance up to 200℃



Complete curing 1 deep cleaning + 2 nano-coating curing
•    Greenwell-Nano Cleanser: Nano molecules penetrate deep into pores to clean dirt and bacteria
•    Greenwell-Nano Coating: Fills the pores and forms an ultra-flat protective layer to prevent dirt from adhering


Dust accumulates in the surface pores, affecting the penetration of light and energy storage. Using Greenwell-Nano Solar solution will replace the solar panel in contact with the environment, and isolate only a little dust and dirt. The surface is smooth and easy to clean. It can be cleaned with water!

Heat test.png

Thermal imaging surface state
•    Left: Dirt accumulation, light energy hitting the dirt, affecting power generation efficiency.
•    Right (Greenwell-Nano): The amount of dust on the surface is reduced, and light energy can be effectively stored.


The best angle for self-cleaning effect: 90-degree angle

Greenwell-Nano creates a smooth and flat surface that can make the surface water droplets appear at a 90-degree angle, which not only makes the surface hydrophobic but also moisturizes the surface, effectively removing dirt and making the surface clean and bright. It is used in solar panels. Rain can be cleaned.

•    Left: Untreated, water droplets collapse and dirt will stay on the surface.
•    Right: Greenwell-Nano, water droplets present a 90-degree angle on the surface, wetting the surface and taking away dirt